Frank Phillips Home

1107 Cherokee Avenue
Bartlesville, OK  74003
Phone 918-336-2491

Your Memories

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From Frankie Yeakley:

As a child in Bartlesville I remember every Christmas Frank Phillips would invite every child in town to the old civic center. The stage would be lit up and there would be a variety of entertainment. (I only remember the clowns). When this afternoon of glee was over Frank would stand at the door and give each child a bag of candy with a silver dollar in it. That was one of the highlights of the season. One of my fondest childhood memories, as I am sure it is of many others of that generation.

From Dora Dean (Clark) Cook: 

My Years With Mrs. Phillips

How I met and became an employee of Mrs. Frank Phillips is an important part of my life. I was a beautician and worked in the most popular and prestigious shop in town.
Mrs. Phillips always called for an operator to come to her home do do her hair and nails. Her friends recommended she ask for Dora Dean. I went and we "clicked". That summer she went to Switzerland with Mr. Phillips and I took a course at Bartlesville Business College and cataloged the Library in the Phillips Home on Cherokee Avenue, Bartlesville.
When Mrs. Phillips returned, my duties changed. I started taking dictation and typing. I was scared and she was wonderful, most gracious and very patient. After a few weeks of going back to my house to type and back to the Phillips home for a signature, an office was fixed on the third floor of the home for me.
Then one day we were going to New York City - we traveled by train. The company planes and the Phillips family private planes and the very best pilot available, Billy Parker, were at her beck and call. She did not want to fly - we traveled by train and spent the night in train compartments. The meals in the dining car were wonderful and beautifully served. The service on those train trips was fit for a king. Extra special service - maybe because she was Jane Phillips. We always stayed at the Ambassador Hotel on Park Avenue. It was a home in New York City year round and we were there two or three times a year and Mr. Phillips was there several times a year. A very important office of Phillips Petroleum Company was in New York City. Several rooms on the 11th floor of the Ambassador Hotel were the Phillips home there and maintained year round.
We traveled by motor car to the World's Fair in San Francisco. Mrs. Phillips dear friend Winnie Clark went with us. Mrs. Phillips had a brother in California. So parts of California were on the agenda often, however, she really enjoyed her home and loved being home at 1107 Cherokee Avenue in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

From Rosalie Van Straten Laxton

All my family worked for Frank Phillips in the 30's through the closing of the plant in Okmulgee, OK.  We came to Bartlesville many a time when I was small  BBQs at his park, award ceremonies and just to visit.  I remember saying "Are we there yet?" so I was very small.  How I loved for Mr. Phillips to pull my red curls.  I am 81 years old now and my fondest memories of childhood were around Phillips 66.